Monday, March 16, 2009

Moving house

I've decided to move as there are some features in the new house that I like better:

New address

I hope to see you there.


Sunday, March 15, 2009

Push my buttons

I've just found out an easy way to add polls to the blog. So if you click on the heading or comments of any new posts (I haven't added any to the old posts) you can let me know with the click of the mouse what you think by clicking a button. Of course comments are always welcome.

Polls on the main page will vary every so often and are there for fun! Well my fun anyway.

I've also changed the comments method so those that were having problems with blogger should be ok now.

A day in the life....

I've just been reading a few of these on other blogs. The idea is for the 14th of the month a rundown of your day. So here goes. Sorry no photos this time.

6:55am out of bed and get the boys up. Quick shower and breakfast for everybody and off to cricket for Rusty. He attends Wesley College so every saturday morning it is interschool sport. Yesterday they played Carey Baptist Grammar and he managed to score 2 runs.

After dropping him off Monster and I went and bought "Snotgobble and the Bogey Bully" by Michael Broad for Monster to read while I had my eyes tested. (Yes the story line is as Gross and you are thinking but he's a 7yo boy)

The eye test found that my distance glasses were fine, no change there but I now need reading glasses so I had to choose new frames with the help of a 7yo boy - fun. No I don't like bling on my glasses and no , the ones that look funny are not the best choice.

About 10:15 we left those shops and went to another centre about 15 minutes away. We walked in the door just as a very light shower started. 2 minutes later I got a call from the ex saying that Rusty's game had been washed out and could I pick him up.

We went back to the car in heavy rain and drove through flooded roads back to the school watching the outside temp drop from 25 to 18. Rusty was the last to be picked up, the coach had bundled all the boys into his car to wait for their parents as the buildings were too far to run in the rain.

Back to the shops for a new mouse and computer bag, a birthday present for a boy turning 8 and some lunch then home for an afternoon relaxing, doing some knitting while the boys played computer games. Thaw some food from the freezer for dinner and a Skype chat with Eno and Monkey who are in Hobart before bed.

Well that was my day, nothing out of the ordinary, well except for flash flooding, soaked kids and new glasses.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

WIP update

I have been working on the following this week:

Wave wrap - half done now. I like the way it is turning out, seems to be wider than the pattern suggested so may need blocking to get a narrower longer wrap. I keep making mistakes with the feather and fan but luckily they are easily fixed.

Shoulder shawl in Syrian pattern - still plodding along. After completing the first ball it looks like it will be too big if I use all 5 so I'm further along than I thought!

Garter stitch wrap - still on target after finishing the 3rd ball. Measurements still show a finished size of approx 51" square.

The mohair bolero is finished I am now working seriously on the Silk cap sleeved top. Almost up to the armholes. I need some new work clothes and this is one that will be good for work.

Now that it is getting colder it is time to put the summer things into hibernation and get cracking on things to keep me warm. This includes the mohair capelet, wide collared jacket and aubergine jumper. Unfortunately the aubergine jumper is in Melbourne so that one will move slowly for the next month or two.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Thanks to Kate who posted that the new Knitty was up I now have 4 more things in my queue. Aeolian shawl, Decimal , Pioneer and Shipwreck.

What a surprise

I got home last night and found that Eno had bought me a skein of undyed mohair. 260g of soft fluffy mohair to play with.

Now to work out what to make with it.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Instant gratification

or enlarging the lace to reduce the repeats...

I like instant gratification. Using large needles may be like writing with a crayon but the speed you can turn out a shawl or scarf certainly makes up for it.

The cathedral windows shawl was designed to be knitted in lace weight and looks fabulous if you can be bothered doing it. Me? I made it with 8ply on 7mm needles.

Birch has 300+ stitches to be cast on in Kid silk haze. I reversed the pattern so I didn't have to cast on and knitted it in mohair twice as thick on 7mm needles.

I'm currently knitting feather and fan on 10mm - I started it on Monday and the stole is now 75cm long.

My purple parallelogram was a delicate little stitch I liked the look of so I knitted it up on 15mm needles.
I love the look of delicate lace but the time commitment is just not there so lace with elephantitis it is!